Leave Athens for a tour that will introduce you to major sites of the past. Heading southwest reach the breathtaking Corinth Canal, which brings together the Aegean and Ionian Seas of Greece. On to Mycenae, city of Agamemnon, leader of the Greeks in the war of Troy. Impressive Cyclopean Walls built 3500 years ago, protect the citadel. Pass through the Lions’ Gate and discover the Grave Circle A, where 14 kilograms of gold accompanied the royalties in their graves. Do not neglect to visit the Tomb of Atreus, a majestic beehive grave of the 13th c.b.C. Then, passing through the orange orchards reach Nafplion, first capital of Modern Greece, a town named after a son of Poseidon. Underneath 2 major hills and opening up to the Argolic Gulf with its mini fortress Bourgi, Nafplion has a picturesque historical center with narrow streets and old buildings. From there, head on to Epidaurus to visit the best preserved ancient greek theatre, 2400 years old, known for its perfect acoustics. Take a tour of it and learn how this – still used today – glorious monument used to be a part of a medical center dedicated to Asclepius, son of Apollo and healing God. Following one of the most beautiful drives along the Aegean Sea, return to Athens in the afternoon.

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