Leave Athens in the morning on your way to explore ancient Greece and its treasures. Make a first brief stop close to the breathtaking Corinth Canal, which unites the Aegean and Ionian Seas of Greece. Reach Epidaurus and its well preserved 2400 years old theatre, known for its perfect acoustics. After visiting this monument of the past continue your drive in the region called “Argolis” and visit Mycenae, a Homeric city “rich in gold”, 3600 years old. It was the citadel of Agamemnon, leader of the Greeks in the war of Troy. Do not neglect to take an impressive photo of the Beehive style tomb of Agamemnon. Then cross the Peloponnese Peninsula, heading west to Olympia for overnight. The following morning follow the steps of the first in history Olympic Athletes as you tour in the shrine of Zeus, to whom the Games were dedicated – starting from the year 776 b.C.! See the temple of Zeus, which once hosted the Golden Ivory Statue of the God – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – and see the altar of Hera, where today the Olympic torch is lit once every 4 years. Run in the stadium, like ancient naked athletes did and then head to the museum to enjoy masterpieces like Hermes of Praxiteles, the Nike of Peonios and of course the statues from the pediments of the temple of Olympian Zeus. Leaving Olympia behind, you will follow the coastal drive along the Ionian Sea of Greece, pass the city of Patras and follow the longest cable suspended bridge in the World, the Rio – Antirrio Bridge, on your way to Delphi. Overnight in Delphi. The following morning your steps will lead you to the oracle of Apollo, god of Light and Music, where prophecies were given to the pilgrims of antiquity. Follow the original sacred path to the temple of the God and learn about the various rituals of the past as you get spectacular views of the Mount Parnassus and a gorge with the second largest olive grove in the Country. See also the Athenian Marble Treasury and the small 2400 years old theatre still in use today. The museum of Delphi hosts the great Naxian Sphinx, the famous Charioteer and a number of unique masterpieces that whisper the past. Leaving the site of unforgettable Delphi – Navel of the World – return to Athens via the village of Arachova, the city of Thebes, where Oedipus Rex once ruled and pass Marathon Or Continue on a 4th day of touring heading North in the Valley of Thessaly to the picturesque Meteora Monasteries. Overnight in Kalambaka and the following morning visit 2 of the 6 Byzantine Monasteries, which crown the 1800 feet tall rocks, created millions of years ago. The 500 years old churches, the active monastic centers and the breathtaking unique views will amaze you. Famous is the Great Meteoron Monastery – the oldest of all and the Nunnery of St. Stephen, the only one with no steps to enter. Comfortable shoes are a must – 150 steps minimum to reach all the other monasteries! In the afternoon, start your drive South to Athens, taking with you memories of real Greece: ancient and modern.

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