Start your day with a visit of the famous Acropolis hill and learn about its classical masterpieces, like the Wingless Victory temple, the Erechtheon and of course the great Parthenon temple dedicated to Athena, goddess of wisdom. Nest to the Acropolis stands Mars hill, Ancient high court and point of introduction of Christianity by St. Paul, according to the Bible. In the comfort of your private bus, drive around the center of Athens and see the stadium of the 1st Modern Olympics of 1896. Get informed about the temple of Zeus, the Arch of Hadrian and pass by Syntagma square, the heart of the city, where the traditional guards stand in front of the Tomb to the Unknown Soldier. See the Athenian Trilogy of the 19th Century and learn which are the popular areas of the greek Capital. In the afternoon start your drive to the ancient Corinth, one of the largest cities of ancient times. On the way learn about Eleusis and Demeter – the goddess of fertility and see the famous island of Salamis, known for the ancient naval battle of 480 b.C. Make a stop close to the impressive Corinth Canal, which connects the Aegean and Ionian seas of Greece. A photo there is a must! Then, on to Corinth with its temple of Apollo (100 years older than the Parthenon), the forum of the Roman Era and its small yet interesting museum. Visit the “Bema“, the tribune where St. Paul was brought to introduce Christianity. According to the holy Bible, he spent 18 months of his life in Corinth. Known are the letters he wrote to the Corinthians after he had left the city. Learn about the steps of the Apostle of the nations, in ancient Greece, starting from Macedonia and ending in Corinth introducing Christianity to a pagan world. Start your drive back to Athens after the tour is completed.

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