In the comfort of your private mini bus enjoy an afternoon drive to the southernmost cape of Attica. See the southern suburbs of Athens which overlook the beautiful saronic gulf and leave the residential areas behind you. Learn about the history of the Aegean Sea and the numerous islands as you follow “Apollo coastal drive towards Cape Sounion. Arrive at cape Sounion after about 1,5 h drive to have the chance to admire the temple of Poseidon, God of the waters and earthquakes. The 2500 years old shrine gives you a great view of the sea, of the nearby islands and of course the most known and beautiful sunset in Greece. Before the sun dives in the blue waters, search for the “signature” of the Lord Byron on one of the Doric Columns.

Sounio sunset tour (4 hours) Booking Rates (25% in Advance of total prices)
No. of seats of the bus  – Price in € (all taxes included)

  • Bus with 19 seats – 220 €
  • Bus with 39 seats – 260 €
  • Bus with 49 seats – 280 €
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